This site has moved entirely to

This site has moved entirely to to better encompass all sex offenders and not just peodophiles

  1. Kody says:

    I know you might get these everyday, however, I had to pass this on to someone. I play a facebook game Soldiers Inc and many people are connected throughout the world playing this game. I came across this facebook profile and if this isn’t disturbing I do not know what is, facebook name is Stephen Laycock the profile picture looks to be an underage girl in a red/white bra and underwear. His info on facebook says he is from Portland, Victoria. I am not sure if you follow leads like these, but it is worth a look in my opinion.

  2. Nathan Hughs says:

    This site is the best way to put more children at risk as all it does is send offenders underground and further alienates them from society which then lowers their resistance to re-offend.

  3. Hi I am Angel Gregory Allen Talbot born may 8th 1982
    I wanted to tell you that I am an All Winged Angel meaning I can care for any angel job with that being said I want you to contact me in anyway possible if something bad has happened out there I have pin-pointed every problem that has happened and every problem that will or may not happen. I have access to everything that I pin-pointed I have told the RCMP unit in Canada to prepare for information through telepathy so with that being said I hope they where ready to prepare every country with telepathy, gifted people are everywhere please find them or open your mind yourself for information from me or my soul-mate (The Main Creator). again we have information on every problem that this world has please find gifted people to help with the problems find people who are telepathic and able to receive information we will be gifting people with it as a write this note to you, you can also receive information by having audio hearing of me and my soul-mate so open your hearing to us we will also be gifting people that way. Let us together put an end to any crime out there and end evil forever. Make sure you contact me in anyway possible when you get a bad feeling or when it happens I can help in many ways.

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