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This site has moved entirely to to better encompass all sex offenders and not just paedophiles


robbo and the team at


  1. Maureen Coleman says:

    Please put on your list of convicted peadaphiles . Richard Saley . I bought him before the courts last year and he was convicted of all 4 charges . I am the victim . Check the court records june 6 , 7 last year 2013 at Liverpool district court ..

  2. Jane says:

    Also on that list belongs a Damian mark Harding did time for sex offence with a minor got out 1 year later just appeared in court and got off same offence but with another victim and knowing he ll do it again, strange thing is he is with a partner with her kids where is the justice in that

  3. Marty says:

    There is a Kiwi pervert called Arnold Barry Eaton. I unfortunately met him at a park near my parent’s home in Bayside Melbourne, 1983. Even then as a kid, I knew something ‘queer’ about this Kiwi gentleman. My mate Alex, had been sexually, ‘taken advantage’ of by Arnold Eaton. Alex & other people unsuccessfully tried to get Arnold Eaton convicted for sexual assualt charges back in 2002.
    Arnold Eaton also was linked to Rolf Harris & Jimmy Savile. Even to have alleged to ‘brokered’ a sale of a yacht(from the Sydney – Hobart Regatta) to Sir James Savile,KBE & Rolf Harris,OBE, to be moored at the Channel Islands, near the French border. It is alleged a well-known high profile Tory politician from the U.K., used this boat to rape & murder boys from orphanages, that Jimmy Savile was involved with.
    Arnold Eaton also ran a business called ‘scruples interiors’ where he go to know another ‘sexual deviant’ called David Brookes (who managed his family’s hardware business in Caulfield). Alex is quite certain Mr Brookes was involved in ‘child pornography’, as Mr David Brookes was involved in ‘removing’ items from Arnold Eaton’s Toorak Flat, when ‘Sir Arnold” fled to his native N.Z. city of Christchurch, to avoid trial in Victoria (he was later extradited back to the mainland by NZ & Vic Police). I have even told Derryn Hinch about his despicable individual, as Mr Hinch was also from N.Z. (New Plymouth) & was well aware about ‘Sir Arnold’s’ associates, Rolf Harris & James Savile.
    Arnold Eaton was also rumoured to be linked with convicted Catholic Priest, Father Kiss, who was alleged to have run a ‘paedophile ring’ in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs, particulary in the Elsternwick Area (where the A.B.C. was based in Gordon St). Alex attended St Joseph’s Primary School in Elsternwick & Father Kiss was well-known to the ‘social-climbing’ parents of that school, including Alex’s migrant parents, who were trying ‘big-note’ themselves by having Arnold Eaton bring his famous dinner-dates (TV Stars from the then Murdoch owned Channel 10), along to his step-dad’s restaurant in Hampton(another Bayside suburb near Elsternwick)..
    There are also allegations of a well-known English born TV presenter from the A.B.C. used to use Arnold Eaton’s Toorak Toff Flat to rape boys young as 12!
    I want justice for my little mate Alex! Put Arnold Barry Eaton & his mate, David Brookes on your list as well. Alex is still persuing further Legal Action & compensation from Arnold Eaton as well.
    Also Arnold Barry Eaton ended up in a VCAT Court dispute with his former Lawyer, Susan Janet Owens (Eaton VS Owens, VCAT 2010). “Sir Arnold” accused his former Legal Counsel Sue Owens of stealing his ‘toff treasures’ from his his Toorak Toff Flat, when ‘Sir Arnold’ absconded bail in 2001.
    It’s all there on the Net, if anyone else is interested in this particular case! Sue Owens said Arnold Eaton’s Lawsuit, ‘bankrupted’ her & ruined her reputation as a Legal Practicioner. I supposed, I want justice for Lawyer Owens as well.

  4. Kerrie says:

    As your site relocated am copy and pasting my comment below:

    One of the worst Australian pedophile scum is one David SHane WHitby, who is doing 32 years with 26 non parole, his story was put in the paper on page 56 although he was supposedly compared worse to the evil Dolly Dunn, Miranda Devine went on to blame the mothers not the offender in her news rant and it seemed to be swept under the carpet. He was done for assaulting little girls twice before he was caught with the films of his disgusting dark life raping children from 18 months and up children of both sexes. In his “films” which caught him out in the end thousands of attrocities against children were captured from this twisted creature, and mention of selling the films included to though that went no further as to who he was selling too, weirdly enough mentions a woman as the “customer”. Was glad to be in the witness box to put him away, he doesnt deserve breath. He snuck into housing commission areas with single mothers with noone disclosing his past to protect the kids, keep up the good work, we deserve to be able to defend our kids, our future.

  5. homersthe1 says:

    I have just read Maureen’s comments and notice that there’s another person who is not listed on this website. His name is William “Bill” Spedding, reading yesterday that he is said by the Police to be a ‘person of interest’ in the William Tyrrell Disappearance and was Arrested yesterday (22.4.15), in relation to historical child sex offences. I couldn’t find his animal on this wonderful Website, when he obviously should be, given his list of previous offences against little Children.

    Robbo – I realise every paedophile, every filthy sex offender isn’t on the site, so I’m guessing when you get to know about them and do the necessary checks they too can be named. Please keep up the good work won’t you Robbo as you’ve done a wonderful job in letting the General Public of Australia know who these filthy animals are so we can make sure they never get access to our Children…..AGAIN. Our Government must be made to see the importance of Websites for every State, which name these animals, so that as Parents, Grand-Parents and non-paedophillic Citizens of this Country, can make sure Paedophiles of every level and every age, never get their filthy hands on our Children.

  6. Nathan Hughs says:

    Another victim with poor advice

  7. Suzanne says:

    How do you put a pedophile on here

  8. karen deans says:

    i am trying to search for the name Stuart Richard Fenton Victoria. how do i see if he has been added to the list.?

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